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eternity will never be enough for me

&& eternally we'll live our infallible love ♥

8 November
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m u s i c
Snow Patrol. Paramore. The Fray. Nickelback. The Spill Canvas. The Goo Goo Dolls. Trading Yesterday. Brighten. A Fine Frenzy. Plain White Ts.

m o v i e s / t v
The Twilight Saga. Pride and Prejudice. Avatar. Becoming Jane. Forest Gump. August Rush. POTCs. The Notebook. Tristan and Isolde. Troy. Harry Potter Series. Grey's Anatomy. ER. House. One Tree Hill. Glee. The Tudors. True Blood. LA Ink.

s h i p s
Edward&Bella. Jake&Neytiri. Noah&Allie. Derek&Meredith. Denny&Izzie. Owen&Christina. Mark&Lexie. Luka&Abby. Ray&Neela. House&Cuddy. Lucas&Peyton. Julian&Brooke. Nahtan&Haley. Finn&Rachel. Puck&Quinn. Will&Emma. Bill&Sookie. Jessica&Hoyt.

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